Friday, July 29, 2011

Painting, drawing and a lizard

The weekend approaches with high humidity and the promise of rain.  The desert holds its breath, waiting to see if drops will fall.  If they do, you can be assured that I will be out in the rain, soaking it in.  I am reluctant to get my hopes up, but there are clouds... 

I didn't get too much feedback on the first painting I posted of the new series.  So maybe most of you didn't like it, or maybe you just didn't want to leave a comment.  If you'd rather email, like many of you often do, that's okay too.  But if you don't want to give feedback, that's completely fine.  I will still love you, just because you read my blog.  Here is the first painting I did in the new series.  I posted a sideways photo of it last week, still in progress on the easel.  I have changed it only slightly, and it may not even be finished.  But here it is.  I was hoping the next paintings would be more like this one, but so far, each one has its own idea of how it will look.  I am not in charge, apparently.
"Consolation."  Oil on linen.  40 x 40 inches.  ©Karine Swenson 2011
I have also been making an effort to draw more, since it fuels all of my other work.  I didn't draw as a kid - what I loved was to color.  I don't know if Crayola still makes that giant box of 64 crayons with the built in sharpener in the back, but for me, that was one of the most beautiful things ever made.  Seeing all of those colors, lined up with their perfectly formed tips, slightly flattened on top - that was about as close to heaven as I could imagine at the age of 6.  Then, in Junior High, I decided I wanted to be a gymnast, just like Nadia Comaneci.  The crayons fell by the wayside.  It wasn't until college that I visited a friend taking an oil painting class.  I took one sniff of the fumes, saw the paintings and then, all of a sudden, I knew what I wanted.  TO COLOR!!!!  Paint, that is.  Since I didn't consider myself an artist, I decided to learn how to draw, because then, THEN I would feel like a real artist.  That was the ticket to the world of art, in my mind.  I have worked really hard at my drawing skills, and I still have a long way to go.  Drawing is now an integral part of my art practice.  It is the strand that holds all the parts of my work together.  It is also the part that makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I can be a real artist.  (If only I could get the proportions right...)
"Seated Jack."  Charcoal on paper, 14 x 11 inches.  ©Karine Swenson 2011
  I leave you with some photos of the desert iguana that I often see cruising around outside the house.  I see him so often, that I have decided to name him "Iggy."  (after Iggy Pop.)  Let's just hope the roadrunner doesn't see him.  (Well, Iggy might be a female, but I think it's okay to call her Iggy too.) 
Iggy is about a foot and a half long, with tail.

My dear blog readers, I thank you for reading my ramblings, such as they are.  Have a gorgeous weekend!


Annie said...

Hi Karine, I just found your blog by way of Art Propelled. From one abstract painter to another, I love these paintings! And the photos of Iggy. Lovely blog!

Anke Martin said...

HI Karine, thanks for your support!
"Iggy' is very cute! Amazing creature and it looks to strong! Thanks for sharing.
Concerning your drawing, it's way way way better than mine, lol! But pushing your skills never hurts! As long it's still fun!
I am curious where your new series is impression is that there is something moving...something new starting, makes me want to see what the next painting will be.....! Have fun painting, smiles, Anke ;)