Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So it is

I have been gradually listing some new paintings on my etsy site.  Click here if you want to see.  I hope to add a couple more by the end of the week.

The weekend was filled with storm clouds, thunder and lightening.  We even lost power for a few hours on Saturday.  However, only 8/10 of an inch of rain fell on this dusty road.  What a jip.  All that bang and boom with nothing left to show for it other than a terrified dog and a couple of humid, sweaty morning runs.  So it is.

The studio hasn't been without its share of trial and error.  I have been wanting to work from a live model again, so I found one and arranged for her to come on Saturday.  I started two paintings and took many photos (both before and after the power went out.)  I woke up on Sunday, feeling excited to see what I could do with my material.  I worked and struggled, and finally, in a fit of frustration, I wiped the paint away from both canvases.  All that bang and boom with nothing to show for it but two canvases with a nice ground.  So it is.

The good news is that we are getting a fence and a dog door installed.  Soon, Pono will be able to go in and out as he pleases, and that will free me up for more focused hours in the studio.  I am so excited about it.  If Pono hadn't been driven to the safety of the master bathroom out of terror of thunder, he'd be excited, too.  I have taken him out to examine his new domain, and he seemed cautiously optimistic.  He did christen a few of the posts, in true male dog fashion.

Pono in the new fenced in yard.
I also had a rare visit from a bird that I think is a female Scott's Oriole at the watering bowl last week.  (I had forgotten to share it with you.)
Last week, I sent out my monthly newsletter.  If you did not receive a copy and would like to, you can subscribe on the first page of my website here.  It is supposed to be a monthly newsletter, but I don't always send one out every month.  To view my most recent newsletter, click here.

Thanks for all of your feedback about my recent work.  I hope to have more to share with you soon! 


Annie said...

That Pono is a doll :-). I understand about painting and having nothing to show, but this weekend after months of frustration I broke through and it felt wonderful! We forget that part :-). Lovely little paintings.

Patty said...

Karine, I love your blog. So personal and wise.