Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just another Wat

M and I visited a couple more Wats on Sunday.  What we learned is not to visit Wats on Sunday.  So crowded!  The more interesting of the two Wats we saw was Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  That Reclining Buddha is one BIG BUDDHA.  I had no idea it was so big - I mean, I had seen photos, but dang.  The Wat is big, too, as I suppose it has to be, to house such a big Buddha.  The top of Buddha's headpiece looked as though it would pierce a hole in the top of the temple itself.
It's hard to convey the size of the Buddha here.  Trust me, it's huge.

Even though I like the glittering gold Buddhas, I think the highlight of this Wat for me was the mosaic tile.  Love that stuff.
M is very patient about waiting for me to take photos of everything.  I took over one hundred photos on Sunday.  When I return to the condo and put them on the computer, I find I am missing my fancy big camera.  Since I am not a photographer, I need all the help I can get.   *sigh*  I WILL get over it.  I will.

It rains nearly every day here, and on Sunday, we found ourselves waiting for a bus while tucked under the eaves of a big building during a downpour.  I admit, this desert girl likes the rain.  Oddly, the air in the city doesn't get that fresh, just-after-a-rain smell.  I guess the smells of the city are too much, even for a downpour to freshen.  I did get to see a pink taxi hydroplane to within inches of a turquoise Mercedes.  Made me happy we were taking a bus.  I didn't capture it on camera, but I did record a very short film of the rain, just for my desert friends.  (In case you are feeling like your life is too dry and too quiet.)  This was taken when the rain had actually subsided somewhat. 
Once the sun comes out, the humidity after a rain is impressively oppressive.

I tried to take a couple of videos of the Canal Boat ride, but M said they weren't exciting enough to post.  I will try again, never fear.  Until then, stay cool, crazy cats!


Tina Bluefield said...

that tiling is absolutely amazing...good protection from all that rain, like in the shower...
I cannot even imagine how many tilers and how much time that all would

Annie said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. xoxo

Patty said...

Oh Karine, this is just spectacular, both the view and the fact that you are there to share them with us. Thank you!!