Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alone again

Just about the time I was getting used to having a husband at home, he has gone again. Dropped him off at LAX yesterday, and he is certainly in Thailand by now. The house is emptier than usual, and cold. Yesterday was spent feeling a little sorry for myself, and for him. At least I have the fuzzy dog to bury my face in. And then there is the studio, to bury myself in. So back to the easel I go.

Today I hired a local photographer to come and take photos of me for some updated images on this blog, as well as for my website. She took this fun little video of me painting with her iPhone:
Many thanks to the beautiful and talented Elena Ray for this fun little clip! (Isn't modern technology a wonder?)

What I am currently reading and loving: The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.


pRiyA said...

That is such a nice little clip of you painting.
: )

ArtPropelled said...

Oh dear it must be hard for you to be apart so often. Hope your husband has fully recovered. Great to see you in the mini video and looking forward to seeing the new images. Let us know more about The Lacuna. I've enjoyed 2 of Barbara Kingsolver's novels and would like to read another.

Patty said...

Oooooh, I'd invite you to share a cup of coffee if you were in my neighborhood. Hugs to you both.

The video is terrific, when does the full length version come out?