Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey desert friends! Did any of you catch that sunrise this morning? I was tired, and sitting next to the dog watching it. I kept thinking "I should really take some photos of this." But then I told myself I was tired, and it was enough to just watch the spectacle. The thing is, it just kept getting more interesting. It was begging me to go out with my camera. So, at last, I did. I hope you realize that the photos cost me a hot cup of tea.

I have been in the studio this week, working hard on a painting that I now hate. This is the part about making art that I think the non-artist may be unaware of. I work long hours on something. The time and desire are both there. But I have nothing to show for my efforts. Nothing I WANT to show, at any rate. These are the moments when we ask ourselves if it is worth it. Self doubt comes knocking. It says "you aren't really an artist." It is an unwanted visitor, and I have no intention of opening the door to that naughty guest. Instead, I will put the painting in a place where I can't see it, and start again.

I will be hanging some work in the Joshua Tree library next month. I have been thinking I would show my figurative work. People here know me for painting abstracts, they know me for painting rabbits, but I don't think they know I paint the figure, too. I haven't been doing it much since I moved here. I will let you know when the show goes up.

Have a divine weekend, my darlings. And, as ever, thanks for stopping by!


Deb Ammerman said...

Beautiful sunrise photos! What a sweetheart you are to miss your "first I gotta have a cup of tea before I can do anything" beverage for us! I completely understand the concept of the "critic" in our heads... don't pay it any mind... it will go away and sulk in the corner. ;)

Mark J said...

Shore are sum purdee pictures! =)

Annie said...

Thank you for giving up the hot tea :-). Beautiful.
I can relate to all that hard work and then hating the painting, happens a lot here and I have come to appreciate it as it always pushes me to another level and to try new things, I end up a better painter every time :-), but it is lonely, hard work sometimes and non artist people don't really get that, but I would not trade for anything.