Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art at the library

The Head Scarf. Charcoal, 16 x 25 inches. 
On Saturday, I hung some of my portrait drawings and paintings at the Joshua Tree public library. The work will be up for several months, so if you happen to stop in to get a new book, take a look and let me know what you think. I will be giving a talk about creating a portrait from life on March 3rd at 12:30pm in the library. I am hoping to find someone to make a video of my talk, for those of you who are far away. The drawing above is one of fourteen pieces in the show.

I have been hard at work in the studio, and hopefully, I will be able to post some photos of the new work this week. I find that once I am in the studio, nothing else gets done. No blog posts are written, no dishes are washed, no trash is taken out,...nothing. I will stay in there with brushes and painting knives in hand until I am too tired to paint anymore. How fortunate I am to be able to lose myself in my work! I know this blog has been neglected, and at times I am tempted to give it up entirely. It is only your comments and emails that keep me writing. Thank you all, for your encouragement, my dear readers.

A gift for you - some more photos of our beloved Joshua Tree.

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Deb Ammerman said...

Love the portrait drawing, and I am looking forward to seeing your video. I completely understand how everything else goes to the way-side when you are working in the studio. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when creativity washes over you and the outside world just seems to go away for a while? It's so wonderful to have other artists to "talk to" who understand the creative force that is so hard for me to put into words. To know that there are other people out there that understand and "get it"... I love that our blogs have "gotten us together"... post when you can sweetie... we know where you are coming from. :)