Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Already?

Well, according to the Joshua Trees near my neighbor's house, it is. I wasn't sure there would be any blooms on the trees this year, since it has been so dry. I noticed these on a walk with Pono last week, and now I have my eyes on high alert every time I pass a Joshua Tree. So far, I have only seen three trees with buds or blooms.

These photos were taken with my phone. 
We also have the wind, which seems to be another, much-less-loved harbinger of spring in the desert. It just arrived today, and is causing me to want to hole up indoors, under a blanket.

I was attacked by a not-so-nice head cold/flu last week, and spent a couple of days flat on my back. I rarely get sick, and I must say, now I know why I try to hard to be healthy. YUCK! Unfortunately, the studio time suffered as much as I did, and there isn't much new work to show you. I did manage to complete another portrait for a show at the Joshua Tree public library which is going up next week. I will be spending this week framing the drawings and wiring the backs of the canvases. So exciting! I am looking forward to this show, since many of the works have never been shown before, and I haven't really had a show with all of my figurative work together. A big thank you goes out to Marjorie Franklin, for all of her help organizing it.
A recently finished oil painting of the lovely Erin Michner, which will be in the library show.

Happy almost Valentine's Day, everyone!


ArtPropelled said...

A beautiful portrait, Karine! Perhaps the rest last week will bring forth a batch of new ideas. All the best for your show.

Deb Ammerman said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well... hope you got lots of rest! The portrait turned out great! Good luck with the show, exciting for you, can't wait to hear how it went! :)

Annie said...

Lovely portraits! And you did an awesome job on the tattoos!
Glad you are feeling better.