Thursday, February 23, 2012

New work

"One thing leads to another." Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. ©2012 Karine Swenson
Two coyotes moved quickly through our yard this morning. Pono the dog didn't even see them. I tried to get a good photo, but only managed one as they ran off. They saw me through the window. Darn! I should have put on my invisibility cloak first. I often think I am too busy gawking at them to actually push the button on my camera. I am in such awe.

Warm weather has arrived.


Paula said...

Karine ... the new painting "one thing leads to another" is superb! Gorgeous ... I really LOVE it. It has depth and play and great color !

Annie said...

Lovely new work.
I love coyotes and I have seen 8 in the last few weeks, I could not get a photo either.

Cynthia said...

Karine, this is wonderful..soft, strong, movement, and beautiful color...what a great new work!

pRiyA said...

hi karine, i was looking through a joshua tree art blog and i came across your name. i got to read all kinds of wonderful things about you that i didn't know at all - like the fact that you come from a musical family and that you play a musical instrument yourself (!!!), how cool is that; also about why you moved to joshua tree and that you plan to make one hundred paintings this year. which number is this one? it is very different from the styles that i am used to by you. what an appropriate title because yes it does lead my eye from one thing to another.

Karine said...

Hello Paula, Cynthia and Annie, Thanks for the comments. I hope to have more new work posted soon. Annie, I don't know why those coyotes are so camera shy! I do love them.

Priya, I no longer play an instrument. I traded in my bow for a paint brush! Actually, this year my goal is to paint 200 paintings! So far, I am off to a slow start. I think this one is number 8 or 9.

hima said...

Wow that's a gorgeous painting! You're very talented. I just wanted to know, what camera do you use? Your pictures are great; I like the angles at which you took the pictures. Is it an SLR? I really love your work. Would you maybe take the time to check out my blog? It's pretty different from yours but please to check it out. tHANKS!

Karine said...

Hima, Hi. My camera is a Nikkon D5100. DSLR

Thanks for stopping over, and for your comments.