Monday, November 20, 2006

cleaning and a dog

I spent the day cleaning house today. Now, all I can smell is bleach. I must have gotten some on my clothes or something. Yuck. I used to clean house all the time - no kidding - every week. Then, I realized it was one of the things I used as an excuse not to do my art. So my once perpetually clean house has become more like a home for dust bunnies. I get a lot more art done now! One thing I've realized for sure is that cleaning is totally overrated. I wouldn't mind having a housekeeper - I mean, is there anyone out there who DOESN'T want a housekeeper? I am just glad I stopped my obsession for a clean house before my entire life passed me by.

My dog, Pono, who is my sweet love dog, is very fuzzy. So cleaning now is sort of like chasing clumps of wispy dog fur around. No matter how many rooms you chase the fur from, there seems to always be more fur. Despite this irritation, I must say I wouldn't trade my dog in for anything. He is good for me. He makes me laugh, out loud, at least once a day. I have read that pet owners are a lot less stressed out than those people who remain pet-less. (In fact, I just read that today in Jane magazine.) So think what a basket case I would be were it not for Mr. Pono!

Right now he is on the futon behind me, licking his foot. Oh, for the life of a dog! I mean, I realize that not all dogs have a life like Pono has, but Pono has it pretty good. If I didn't have to eat dog food, I might consider trading him places. For one thing, I think he sleeps about 15 hours a day (or more!) I like sleeping. This is something I could get into. He gets a hike every morning, for at least an hour, if not longer. And if he wants his tummy rubbed, all he has to do is roll over on his back when someone is looking at him, and there ya go. Not bad! I have to say I have had a much harder time getting a tummy rub. I guess people just don't walk up to complete strangers and rub their tummies. I've seen them do it to strange dogs, though.

I have a photo for you, so you can see Pono and I together. This is for those of you who have not met my Pono. (Or me, for that matter.) Doesn't it look like love? If you are contemplating getting a pet, I am here to tell you that it is well worth it!

I don't have thoughts about art today. Only dogs. One dog in particular. By the way, the word "pono" is a Hawaiian word. It means "goodness; to be just or upright." We got Pono from the pound, and when we named him, I told him he had a big name to live up to. Luckily for us, he has done a pretty amazing job in that department. Other than the two little mice rice I saw him eat this morning, he is pretty good. (More on the mice rice later.)

Tomorrow is printmaking day. So perhaps later this week I will have some new monotypes to post. Stay tuned! Not all days are "dog days".


Carla Sonheim said...

Karine, your blog is wonderful!

I had a great day yesterday. I've been reworking some of them today and am SO HAPPY. Thank you for taking me with you!

Mel said...

Oh, he is so cute! What does he carry in his pack?

Karine said...

Pono carries his own food and dog treats in his pack. We also sometimes put a leash in there. We both carry packs on day hikes, so we figured it was fair. We have learned not to put anything in his pack that can't get wet, because he has a tendancy to wade in and lay down in any water he comes across.