Monday, November 27, 2006


Monday is supposed to be a "day off" - whatever that means. When you work for yourself, it means another day just like any other day, where you try to get done as much as you possibly can! I did get a framing order called in, and that was a major load off my mind. I really hate pretty much everything about framing, except for the end result. As soon as I am rich enough, I will just pay someone whatever it costs to take care of it for me. YUCK!

I did get to go up to the college in Buena Vista and use the printmaking press today!!! Yay! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Why do I love it so much? Well, it's fast and it's fun. I had a rather short day, but better short than not at all, right? Right! I am posting one that I did today, but not my favorite one. That one is top secret, and I will probably hide it away until I do one I like even better. The one I am posting is still a good one. There is always a chance I will rework this a little bit with pastel. Although, maybe not. I really like this one.

I did rework a few of my other monotypes yesterday. I liked what I did, but I don't have one with me to show you. So I guess you just have to wait.

I am not going to write much today, since I am tired. I guess I wore myself out. There will be more to come, so stay tuned.

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