Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank you, artists of Salida

As promised, I have a new monotype for you to enjoy. Thank you, Alyson, for your helpful suggestion! I did remember my camera today, but scanning is so much easier. This is a small monotype, and the printed image is only 5 x 7". It is one that I did the last time I went up to CMC to use the printmaking press. It is a favorite of mine, because I like how the colors came out: so rich and velvety. I also think the composition is quite strong, and the round forms in the center become almost figurative for me. I could use a little help with the title, if you have any suggestions. Tell me what you think!
I am in the gallery, again today. I am working on the postcards for my final party at Cool Mountain Art. I would like to get these postcards sent out, so that I can focus on all the other things I need to do like ordering framing, beginning the dreaded packing, and of course the marketing of my art.
The idea of moving has totally overwhelmed me, and I am finding that I am freaked out today. Hopefully, it is just a phase that will pass, because I don't like how stressed I feel about it! I know I will survive it all, but it is always hard to leave friends, and I am going to miss this art community! I have never had so many artist friends in my life. It has been a priviledge for me to be part of such an exciting group of talented people. Mahalo, Salida.

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