Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Leaking Roof

I spent most of the day at home today. The kitchen roof is leaking, and my friend, Greg Mather, came to help me clear off the snow and ice so that I can get it fixed. Thank you, Greg! He did most of the work, so I fed him soup, and gave him some frozen salmon. It will be a relief to get the roof fixed, so that I can stop putting towels on the kitchen table, and I won't have to look at the crumbling joint compound anymore.

I finally finished the gallery packing. YAY!!!!!! I only need to get the big easel out, and three other random things, and then I am completely finished. What a relief. I was beginning to think I would never finish. I promised myself I would go and print monotypes as a reward for finishing, so tomorrow, I am going to the Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista to use the printmaking press. I can't wait!!! It is the perfect reward.

I am posting a larger monotype from the last session, which was before the holidays, as a preview of more to come! I think this one is about 8 x 10" for the art, and the paper is bigger. It's called "Vibrato in Blue".

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