Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Another cold morning in Salida. It does feel good to get outside, despite the cold. So I am fortunate to have a dog who whines and yips until I get my act together and take him for his walk. It's like having a gym membership where you get a call every day, telling you to come and workout!!! Hmmm... maybe this is an idea for gyms to have as a membership option! Except that I am not a big fan of working out in gyms. I think it's the smell or something.

Well, today I tackle the packing of the gallery. I am planning on it being a fairly smooth and quick packing job. That way, I have more time to do art and play a little. I am aching to get up to Buena Vista and my beloved printing press. I am attaching my favorite monotype from the last printmaking session. It's called "A Note Held", and it is a medium sized print, but I don't have the dimensions here. I'll add that later. It is on a paper that is not white, but more of a buff color. In case you are wondering about that background!

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