Friday, January 18, 2008

The lost camera

My little digital camera is something I have become quite addicted to. I take it with me almost everywhere. I mean, you just never know when a quality photo opportunity is going to present itself, right?!? Well, this is a story about how you shouldn't get addicted to anything, if you can help it. My husband is a pilot, and he left for a trip this morning. He left early, before I was even awake. When I finally dragged my lazy bum out of bed, I began to put on clothes and get ready to take Mr. Pono for his morning walk. I gathered together the normal things for walking: gloves, ear warmer, coat, shoes, dog biscuits, leash, tissue, and now for the camera. There are typically only three places where I leave my camera, and I looked in all three of those usual places. I looked in a couple unusual places. Then, I began to get that feeling. Do you know it? It's the one you get when you think you may have lost something very dear to you. It is a frantic feeling for me, and it includes a little anger at myself for being such a space case. I really don't like that feeling. So I checked the usual spots once more, and decided to look for the camera more when I had finished walking the dog. Think of it, I walked out the door without my camera! eeks!

So I did walk the dog, and it was a windy walk. Fortunately, no really incredible photo opportunities were missed. I made myself a cup of tea, ate some granola, and put a load of laundry in. Then, the search for my beloved continued. I mean, I looked EVERYWHERE!!! Even places that seemed truly unlikely. The feeling intensified. I searched some more. I said a few naughty words. I said a few more naughty words. Then, I decided to do some deep yoga breathing, to chill myself out. That is when it occurred to me that perhaps, PERHAPS Matthias accidently took my camera with him by mistake!!! Yes! So I dialed his number and got voicemail. Left the message that went something like this: "hi baby. I just wanted to call and see how you are. I hope your travelling is going well. Oh, and is there any chance that you might have my camera? Because I can't find it and I have looked everywhere and my hands are starting to shake because I think I am beginning to suffer from camera withdrawal or maybe go into a state of shock or something. But you might not have it. I love you bye."

At this point, what else could I do? (discounting shots of tequila, that is.) So I did some more deep yoga breathing, and got myself to go into the studio and start mixing paint. It took quite a while, but finally I settled down and got into the painting. Finally. I did take a break, early on, to charge the batteries in a much larger camera that I have. Those batteries are still charging. What am I supposed to do, now that I can't take photos of everything? I mean, this has been obsessive habit number one ever since I got that camera!!! My darling Matthias finally did call, and offered the news that yes, he DID take my camera, accidentally. He just laughed when I told him how I was suffering. That has a way of putting everything into perspective. You see why I love him? So, I have been able to make it thru the day, without taking ONE SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH. Amazing!

Needless to say, I can't post a photo of any of the new paintings. It is really a shame, too, since I feel like real progress was made today. Sorry. I am just going to have to give you a few more shots of the wildflowers from the hike. No camera until SUNDAY, my dear friends!!! I highly recommend some deep yoga breathing. Make your exhale longer than your inhale. You will make it. I did.


priya said...

my goodness! i'm so glad you found your camera finally. this post almost left me breathless - the mystery of the missing camera.
i know i feel exactly the same about my camera.

Carla Sonheim said...

ha! Glad you found it!