Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The moody moon

The moon came up over the horizon tonight as a vibrant orange crescent. It was magnificent, and mezmorizing. It then appeared in near fullness, brilliant and wonderful. It glowed orange for a while, slightly squished-looking, and now has hidden itself behind a cloud. I know the feeling. You can glow with your talents and hues for a short time, but then you feel suddenly shy and embarrassed and the only way you can recover is by hiding. Does this happen to anyone else?

Today it turned cold here in the high desert. This will sound completely lame to those of you in really cold places, but I AM a wimp, when it comes to the cold. I am wearing TWO wool sweaters. One, right on top of the other. And you know what? I am finally warm. AHHHH... How did I ever survive Colorado? Or Sioux Falls, SD for that matter? Sheesh. I am barely surviving Southern California!!!! I guess living in Hawaii for four years will thin anybody's blood. Or at least, it did mine.

Here is another painting, for your amusement. It turned out much better than I could have imagined, because this vibrant blue color occassionally peeks out from behind the reds, blues and golds. I don't know if you can see it on the computer. Trust me, it does. Sometimes, a painting will surprise you by being better than you could have hoped. This was one of those. More often than not, however, (for me, anyway) they turn out WORSE than I hoped. uck. Yet I persist, because I am a stubborn little redhead. So there.


Garett said...

I really like these new pieces, Karine (especially the "Presistence Pays" image). Any chance any of them will show up in your Etsy shop some day?

Anonymous said...

I Love your shop, just hearted it! Very Nice style, vibrant, colorful!
Ill be browsing, Thanks,

Abby Creek Art said...

Hello my stubborn little redhead! Cold?...what a woosie!:)

Love this one too, Karine. The aqua blue really pops.

Karine said...

Garett, Thank you for the comment. I painted these for the galleries that are showing my work. However, if there is one that you want, please let me know. I will list it for you. (They are still wet, so you will have to wait at least a week.

I told you I was a wimp, Linda.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Absolutely beautiful! This one is exceptional!

priya said...

i was hoping you would post the moon picture on your blog. i'm so glad i got to see it. the colours, the always beautiful.