Thursday, January 3, 2008

Painting in an organized space

Today, I spent most of the day in the studio, painting. At last! The newly organized studio. It is nice, to have more space, without all the piles of boxes and clutter. You know I will make it messy again, but maybe I can make a point to organize once a month or something like that. (Hey, it's good to be opimistic about this, I know what you are thinking! Leave me to my hopes and illusions about this, okay?) Here are a couple of photos, just to give an idea.

Oh, and I took photos of my first sewing project: Curtains!!! Okay, so it is one drape, and it isn't lined, but still - I am pretty happy! I know it isn't the best drape in the world, but for the first thing I've ever done on a sewing machine all by myself, I think it is awesome. The best part is the button on the tie back, in my humble opinion.

I want to highlight one of my favorite artists today. I used to sell Carla Sonheim's art in my gallery, in Colorado. I guess I must be missing sharing her work with others. She has recently been doing animals, and I think they are to die for. Take a look at her etsy store, if you are interested: Art by Carla Sonheim
Here is a small sampling of her work:

That's all for now!


Laura said...

thanks for visiting my blog, there are many more tea posts to come. your blog is beautiful, i especially love the coyote pictures! can't wait to visit your etsy store. laura

Laura said...

oh, and i do love the celestial seasonings teas, my favorite holiday one is candy cane lane with the cute polar bears on the box!

lee said...

I like your studio and your easel. I recently got an easel for the table. I have never used one before and decided before I get a big one, I will start with a small one. I love the curtains, good job......What is your next project.....I have been looking at Carlas art (the animals she has a real way with them, I love them also)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
I LOVE your space! It is wonderful and your curtain is fantastic! Great job! I am excited to go and check out Carla's shop. Have a great weekend!
:) Melissa