Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sewing and the storm

I have been busy with my new sewing machine. I am sure this is going to take me some time to figure out. I have been working on a creative project with it. I needed a break from hemming pants. I am not done with the creative thing, so you have to wait a bit! I will share some photos of the crooked project, but not until my vision has been realized. Sorry to make you wait. All good things take time. (is that how the saying goes?)

In the meantime, I have a photo of a venus flytrap for you. My mother-in-law generously bestowed it upon me, when she saw how intrigued I was with it. Now it sits on the windowsill in my oh-so-organized studio. If anyone can give me advice on how to keep it alive, I would greatly appreciate it. I mean, do I have to feed it flies or anything??? It's cool, anyway.

We did get a bit of rain, about two nights ago. Since then, there has been only wind, and lots of it. Not my favorite. Oh well. The color of the sky, and the quality of the light has made up for it. Here it is.


priya said...

what a beautiful plant. and yes, what on earth do you feed it? i have always wondered, if you touch one of those lethal looking things does it clamp down on your finger?
not that you should try it, but HECK, i'm dying to know!!!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
We lucked out that the winter storm did not slam san diego like they thought it would. :) i would love to meet you half way next visit! i cannot wait to see your sewing project! i wish i could give good advice on the plant. i have two brown thumbs. :) i think i always over water my plants, but i am not sure so i keep trying. :)

Laura said...

a venus flytrap!! very cool, the one piece of advice i have for you is to collect rainwater or go buy distilled water from the store to water it with, tap water is a sure killer. a fresh mosquito or fly would be nice too!

coloredsock said...

hey Karine! where did she get that Venusflytrap? i want one! and congrats on your sewing expeditions. i love my sewing machine and creating fun, crooked stuff with it. it's just nice to have a medium so foreign (to me) to play with. i feel like a kid with it! oh, and i have a major lead-foot. hehe.

Karine said...

Priya, There are small hair-like projections on the surface of the purse shaped openings. If you touch one of those projections with your finger, the "trap" does close, but not so quickly that your finger will get eaten! Jenny, I think My mother in law got the flytrap at the DOLLAR STORE, if you can believe it.

kate said...

Venus Flytraps are great fun - I had one that is no longer. I over-watered it. I think mine ate mosquitoes. They are great!

I love the look of your countryside ... it is beautiful. And hi to Pono!!