Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drama in our front yard

As much as I love my beloved dog, Pono, there are times when I wish he wasn't such a DOG. Case in point: this morning he dug up a rabbit's nest that he discovered in our front yard. There were three baby rabbits in the nest. He got one in his mouth, but when it squeaked, it startled him and he dropped it. I managed to swoop in and grab his collar. I had thought he was digging to find a ground squirrel. So when I had him around the collar and saw that a tiny bunny was hopping away, I was so surprised! I didn't really know what to do, at first, because the little rabbit hopped right to our front door. So there was no way to get in the house without going past the bunny. I knew I couldn't hold onto Pono within such a close range of the rabbit, so I dragged him over to my car and put him in the car while I figured out what to do. These rabbits have fur, their eyes are open, and they are (obviously) locomoting. And let me tell you, I have never seen anything so cute in my entire life!

Well, Pono had destroyed their nest, so there was no way I could hope they would hop back into the nest. I decided to leave with the dog, and I hoped that while I was gone, the mother would come back and rescue her babies. They all were hiding in various corners of the yard, so I figured it was somewhat sheltered from predators. (Except Pono.) Well, two hours later and the bunny by the front door was now in the threshold of the door. I couldn't leave him (her?) there, so I called a whole bunch of people to get an expert opinion. I was told that if I wore a rubber glove, I could move that bunny over near its siblings. So I did that. When I set bunny #1 down next to bunny #2, they both started hopping around, and then they parted ways. Bunny #2 settled back in to the hole it was in before, and bunny #1 went into a corner and tried to disappear into the side of a wall. (I know exactly how bunny felt. When I am terrified, I want to disappear into a wall, as well.)

I have talked to some animal rescue people. We all agree that the best thing to do is to wait and see if the mother bunny will come and get her babies. We think there is a good chance she will come when it gets dark. So, I am going to wait and see. I have my drawing class in one hour. If the bunnies are still out there when I get back from drawing, I am going to go out and get them and put them in a warm place for the night. It has been freezing at night, so they would not survive otherwise.

I will keep you all posted, of course!!!

So much for blogging about my upcoming show. It opens Saturday night, and I am excited, but somehow the bunnies have overshadowed the art exhibition.


Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh Karine, the poor baby! I hope his mama comes for him this evening.
Good luck with your show...! I hope it goes well for you.

lee said...

I so hope the mama comes they are to cute

bindu said...

I'm going to be anxious about these babies now! They are SO CUTE !! Haven't seen such tiny ones before. Do let us know what happened. And good luck!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
oh the bunnies are so cute! they are so lucky to have your watchful, caring eyes on them.
i am excited to hear all about your show!

Guzzisue said...

I hope their mummy finds them, theyy are sooo cute :-) want one..

Abby Creek Art said...

Oh my god...I can totally relate with Maisie, bunny chaser extraordinaire! Sure hope they survive...they are the sweetest things. Sending many bunny blessings.

Good luck with your show, Miss K! xox

High Desert Diva said...

Soooooo cute. I hope mama bunny comes to the rescue.

adeshi said...

Oh dear..they are so adorable. I have a rabbit at home too :) but in my place, there's no way to find wild I can imagine how excited you are!

Hopew to hear more of your bunnies

Robyn said...

The cutest little bunnie!!

mel said...

The kids and I really enjoyed your pictures. It is so rare to ever see bunnies that little -- I don't think there is anything more cute.