Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Saturday

I went to my friend Shant's house yesterday to use his press. I had the most magical day with monotype printmaking I have had in a long time!!! It was such a great day. I had so much fun, and I really love what I did. I was going to quickly scan a favorite from the day, to post, but apparently, my scanner is on the fritz!!! Oh no! I am not happy about that. I hope it isn't broken.

I guess I will have to post some other photos, to tide you over until I can figure out what's wrong with my scanner. Even though I am seeing more and more green things poking their little heads out of the desert sand, I am still photographing the dried flower bracts that remain from last summer. No one knows why.

I have been making a concerted effort to stop eating all the junk food that the holidays got me into the habit of. Unfortunately, I suffered a major setback today, when I could hear a pint of Ben and Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk calling my name. Yes, I went to the store to purchase ONE THING - that aforementioned ice cream. I then drove home and proceeded to eat half of it!!!! So much for my efforts at healthiness. Already, my pants feel a bit tighter. I will have to run far tomorrow, to make up for my food indiscretion. I think I am going to blame it on hormones.

Here is a monotype I reworked with pastel. I printed it just before the end of 2008. I don't think I've posted it yet, but if I have, I apologize! It measures 8 x 10 inches, and I titled it "Unforgettable Fire".


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
i cannot wait to see your new prints and i love this one from last year!

High Desert Diva said...

Oh girl...I love that you had a B & J breakdown! You'll run it off...Pono will make sure of it.

Love the dried flower bracts and this print!

Red Fish Circle said...

Great photos, looking forward to seeing the new prints. I am on a junk food stint too, addicted to Whole Foods chocolate chip muffins! Oh boy!

julie king said...

it is okay to give into temptation occasionally. and, b & j is the best kind of temptation! loving the orange and blue in this piece!

Robyn said...

Oh for many days that flow so well. Glad you enjoyed it. I love this print too and am really looking forward to Saturday's photos.

pRiyA said...

that's a gorgeous print. i am really looking forward to the picts of what you did at your friend's place. i've stopped using a scanner, i usually just photograph all my work.
this monoprint is beautiful too.
but hey, all this work you did deserves ice cream! i always find i am extremely in need of a sugar high during/after working on a picture.

Anke said...

HI Karine, hope your scanner problems are solved soon, ours freeze up regularly too. Only getting it off the electricity for a while helps to get it going again.
Your monoprint reminds me of summer time....can't wait.
So the desert should bloom soon? Can't wait to see the photos. It's so different from our spring.
Mmmh Ice cream.....sometimes we just have to eat it! Especially when that hormone thing kicks in, smiles, Anke ;)

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Karine - I really like Unforgettable Fire. Sure hope your scanner is not broken!! Give Pono warm hugs for us!

coloredsock said...

nice print, Karine---i was going to ask you if you ever work on top of prints with pastels or paint or pencil or whatever. i've enjoyed doing that, too, just to experiment. so glad you had such a fun day---AND, access to a press! i'm so jealous. hee.

José said...


When I pass my eyes quickly through this work I seen a B52 and the red circumferences (sp?) make me remind the japanese aircrafts from WW2 because they had a similar symbol.

Kind regards,


bindu said...

The monotype is lovely. I've been eating a LOT of junk too ... maybe it's in the air!