Friday, February 6, 2009

A rainy day in the desert

I think I forgot to mention that I am taking a drawing class! There is a community college nearby, and a friend told me about this four hour life drawing class that was being offered on Thursday nights. So every Thursday night for the past four weeks, I have been going to school! It's actually kind of fun, after being out of school for so long. (over a decade, and I won't be more specific than that!) I decided it would be good practice for me in case I actually get accepted into graduate school. I have to see if I will be able to attend classes and be a student again! So far, so good!

The top image is another new monotype. I am not entirely sure, but I think the title is "Cosmic Landscape". I am open to suggestions, if anyone has some. My show at True World Gallery opens February 21st, so I better start selecting the best work, framing and mounting it, and getting everything ready. It's a big job!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


pRiyA said...

No wonder you are busy. You have a show coming up and life drawing classes to attend!
You are very, very fortunate to be able to attend life drawing. The art colleges are very modest here. I look through a reference book to help me with anatomy, but i still think i need the real thing.

I like the picture!

Anke said...

Hi Karine, Oh 21st, yes that is soon....fingers crossed that it's going to be great success!!!!!
Your new monoprint reminds me on a desert place you see a Mirage. Funny how everybody else see something else or gets reminded on something. So enjoy your drawing classes and don't get too stressed about preparing....smiles, Anke ;)

coloredsock said...

oh wow! a show--somehow i missed that bit of info in an early post maybe. best of luck getting everything togethere--seems like you have a great stash to choose from. it'll be a great show!

bindu said...

Your class sounds very interesting. And I love the deep colors in this piece.