Thursday, April 8, 2010

Desert Travels

Last week was taken up by visits to M's parents, who live in Mesa, AZ.  They live in a retirement community, where people live in trailers so they have plenty of room for every kind of activity imaginable.  We love visiting them, because we can play and play all day.  There is Bocce Ball, Lawn Bowling, tennis, golf, a putting green, horseshoes, pool, pickle ball, a library, a hiking club, a biking club, silversmithing, quilting, stained glass, ...  You name it, and they seem to have it.  I could see how people would want to spend their retirement in a place like that!  Who wouldn't?  It's a magical place, where even dogs can ride in golf carts. 
Here I am, trying my hand at lawn bowling.

We had a chance to hike the neighboring desert while we were there, and the Sonoran Desert is much greener than our Mohave Desert.  There were some flowers, just beginning to emerge, but I think the best display is probably going to be in another week.  (M said we can't go back, just for flowers.  I asked.)  I was having another love affair, this time with the magnificent Saguaro Cactus.  I probably took 70 photos of them.  Apparently, they don't begin to grow an arm until they are about 70 years old!  The Saguaro is the state flower of Arizona, and unlike the Joshua Tree, they bloom every year, regardless of rainfall.  I wish I could see them bloom.  Maybe I will sneak back to AZ without M knowing...Shhh...don't tell


Patricia said...

Karine, your photos are always so beautiful. It's lovely seeing the world through your eyes.

desertbackroadfiend said...

I am obsessed with saguaros. My neighbors have some and they bloom brillian red in the spring. They are loosely native species...

Anyplace that is golf-cart-dog friendly gets an A+++ in my book.