Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Flower Report

Forgive me for being so quiet on the blog this past week.  I had a small flurry of unexpected, out-of-town guests last week.  I also suffered from a strange lethargy over the weekend.  Spring Fever?  It's hard to say.  At least I am back now.  Back to my more usual self.

Pono and I went for a magical walk/run this morning in the wonderland of the desert in spring.  Butter yellow desert dandelions and white, round pincushions carpeted the desert floor.  Mixed into this bounty were desert delphinium, mohave asters, poppies, and a few orange mallow blossoms.  It was hard to run much, because I had to keep stopping to look and look.  Fabulous.  I did take photos, but I only had my little tiny point-and-shoot.  Those photos just weren't doing it justice.  I promise to go back with the BIG camera, and try to get a more accurate picture of the dazzling array of flora, so that I can share it with you.

Until then, I will share with you the flowers I have photographed. 
A close up of the Mohave Yucca.  This one almost makes my stomach hurt, it is so beautiful.

Morman Tea.  It is also known as "Whorehouse Tea", "Cowboy Tea", and "Canyon Tea."  I highly recommend you click on this link, to read a short and fascinating article about it. 

The blossoms of the Joshua Tree in the backyard have given way to these green seed pods. 

I am teaching a small drawing class, once every two weeks.  Today was our second class.  I am excited about what my students are doing.  I have only taught one drawing workshop previously, and I find that I enjoy it more than I had expected to.  (I was nervous!)  It is important to step outside of one's comfort zone, every now and then. 

I have more paintings drying, and I will attempt to get some photos.  I just need for the wind to stop blowing, just for a few hours.  Please, wind, will you just stop for more than two days in a row?  Please?

I will try to catch up on my blog reading this week too, fellow bloggers!  I hope you haven't felt neglected.  I miss you, when I don't read about you.  Thank you, everyone, for reading my blog.  You know I couldn't keep writing, were it not for you, reading!!!  I appreciate you!


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Karine, looks like spring has definitely sprung in the desert. Beautiful photos!

Priya said...

Beautiful. How much better the real thing must be!
Yes, I know what you mean when you say the Mohave Yucca makes your stomach hurt. I looked at it for a long time. And I had to read up about a plant with such diverse names as Morman tea AND Whorehouse tea. Thanks for including the fascinating link.
When you mentioned 'Poppies' in the desert are they the pretty red ones that we usually see or is it some unusual desert variety?

Hahaha to Pono and Gordita :D

bigBANG studio said...

Just LOOK at that blooming yucca!

I just spotted two enormous stands of paintbrush in the park this morning (my pics didn't turn out well so I didn't post them) but you MUST go see them. They're on the south side of the road, about eight miles into the park or so. Can't miss them! xo