Thursday, December 7, 2006

Drawing and Painting the human figure

It has been a busy week. Tomorrow night will be the last opening I have in my gallery, Cool Mountain Art. So I have been busy with preparations, and getting some new art framed and matted to sell. I always love a good opening. I guess I do like throwing a party! However, I won't miss the work that goes into each and every opening. There are so many details. I am thankful that I have had this experience of running my own gallery and owning my own business.

I did get a chance to draw this week. I met with the drawing group here in town, and I did a drawing of my friend, Carla Sonheim. It wasn't a drawing I am particularly happy with, or I would post it here. The good part is that I have been drawing long enough to know that there are days when drawing goes well, there are days when drawing is like a gift from heaven, and then there are those days when you can't remember if you have ever had a pencil in your hand!!! The more frustrating days you have, the more good and great days you have coming. So that is my consolation. I won't take so much time in between drawing next time, that is for sure.

I do love to draw the human figure. People are so fascinating, with their infinite variety. The challenge of capturing the uniqueness of each person is rewarding. It is also gratifying to know that all the persistance is worth it, and does pay off with better and more successes. I know there are artists out there who have such an ease with drawing. They make it look effortless. I don't think it is that way for me. I have worked hard at drawing, and as I said, I still have my bad days, even after 15 years! Yet, I really do have the passion for drawing and painting the human figure. I suppose it is because I have a great passion for human beings!! I love the silent communion that occurs between model and artist. It is without words. It is beyond words.

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