Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post holiday post

Christmas is over now. THAT went fast! sheesh. It was a Merry Christmas here, despite the fact that my husband wasn't here. He is in Hong Kong, and he starts his new job with Cathay Pacific Airways tomorrow. (Hong Kong is one day - 14 hours ahead, so I am not entirely sure if it would be considered today or tomorrow, but whatever!) At least there is Skype, so we talked last night for about half an hour.

Yesterday morning, My dad and I took the dog for a walk, as always, along the river. It was cold, and when it is below 10 degrees, the river steams. It is quite something, and I have written about it before. So yesterday, I took some pictures and I am sharing one with you. I am no photographer, but at least you can get an idea! This is the Arkansas River on a cold winter morning.

I am trying to decide whether or not to go into the gallery today. I only have 5 days left in there, so I think it would be good. I won't sell art if I don't go in. I would like to sell two more big paintings before Saturday. Just so that I have two less paintings to pack and move. I am not looking forward to the packing, but I think it will go quickly, since I am getting good at it by now.

I have been struggling to finish a large oil painting, and since I have had people in and out of the gallery, I have it hidden behind my easel. I can't paint when I am constantly interrupted, and I am NOT a performance artist. I don't really want people to see it, or to ask me questions about what I am going to do to it to finish it. It is amazing, but there have been at least 3 people who have seen it, partially hidden back there, who have asked about it. !!! It isn't finished yet! I even had one man tell me to email him if I finished it before Christmas. Does he think I am painting in the middle of the night after working in the gallery all day? I also wonder if he thinks that since a lot of my other paintings have been discounted that he is going to get a brand new painting for 30% off??? I wrote down his email address, but I did think, deep down, that it was unlikely that I would be getting a sale on an unfinished painting.

Now all of you sales people out there are saying to yourselves "well, she isn't much of a sales person, if she has that kind of attitude!" You are right! When it comes to my paintings I am really not much of a sales person - I am an artist. For one thing, I am not about to sell a painting that isn't even finished yet. I don't care how much I need the money! I wouldn't be able to live with myself. The art has to come first, and my commitment to the quality of my own art is paramount. So you must understand that my talent is painting, not selling. Selling is something I have learned from necessity, and I know I have a long way to go before I am really a good salesperson. That's okay with me, as long as the art improves.

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