Tuesday, March 20, 2007

baby chicks at Murdoch's!

One of my favorite things in the spring (besides the teeny peeny cows) is that Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply has baby chicks and ducks. They are TOO MUCH!! So cute and fuzzy and wonderful in every way. If you have the blues, just go to Murdoch's and see the little chirping things, and you won't be able to stay down. You just won't! It works for me. So yesterday, I went to see the baby chicks (they also had socks on sale, which is how I justified my indulgence). I liked those chicks so much, that I went out to the car, got my camera, and took some pictures just for you!

The close up shots didn't turn out, unfortunately. They were blurry. It's too bad, because they were cute. I had one chick in my hand (which you aren't supposed to do, but c'mon! this is free advertising!) and that one would have been particularly good, if I could improve my photo taking skills a bit. Oh well. If I didn't have a Murdoch's employee watching my every move, I might have been able to get a better shot. He was making me nervous, and it was too much pressure for an amateur such as myself. He kept asking if I wanted to buy some chicks, which of course I do, but I can't buy baby chicks when we are about to move!! So I told him that.

It was nap time for the baby mallards, and they were all huddled together under the heat lamp. I was a bit jealous. I wouldn't mind having a giant heat lamp to snuggle under every now and then. I really love to see a baby chick or duck standing in the heat of those lamps, because it almost puts them in a zoney trance, and they get heavy eyelids. Fun! It almost looks like they will tip over from the heat, but I have yet to see one do that. I have also discovered that if you are wearing a shiny ring and you put your hand in the bin where they can see it, they all come over and peck at your ring. It feels really funny.

These are my favorites, (well, they are all favorites!) with the fuzzy legs. I forget what they are called, but aren't they groovy? What amazes me every time is how things that are so tiny can be so amazingly LOUD!! You can hear them chirping the second you open the door. For those of you who don't know this, the chicks are delivered via the US mail. I find that extremely interesting, or at least I did until my sister told me that they don't all survive the mailing experience. I am just happy that enough of them do survive, so that I can visit them every week during the springtime!


Jamie said...

I LOVE baby chicks! Almost every spring when my kids were little, we would get some. Thanks Karine for posting on my blog today. Good luck with your move.

Karine said...

Thank you, Jamie!

Mel said...

The kids and I loved looking at the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'Chicks @ Murdocks' pictures and commentary. I'm remembering going there my self specifically to look at the chicks..I know what you mean, it's great....the sights, the sounds, and even the smells of baby chicks,ducks and geese. Sue