Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Weird things

A while ago, a friend of mine posted 10 weird things about herself, and challenged others reading her blog to do the same. It has taken me a while to get this done, but I have decided to do it. Even though I have new artwork that I need to show you. (I haven't gotten a chance to photograph the new stuff yet.)

So don't think this will ever happen again, and remember, it is TOP SECRET!!! Which is why I'm posting it on the internet. ha ha ha. You know it's just for fun.

1. When I eat apples off the core, the tip of my nose gets sticky.
2. I don't like clothes with words on them.
3. I don't usually like art with words on it, either.
4. When I'm hungry, I need to eat right away - if I don't, I get grumpy!
5. I don't watch television, nor have I watched it for most of my life.
6. I am almost always cold. In fact, my toes will actually REMOVE the heat from a pair of wool socks.
7. I pick up feathers, bones, leaves, and rocks (like a 6 year old!), bring them home, and make piles of them on the table and other flat surfaces. Even though I know all this debris is messy and clutters up the place, I have a hard time getting rid of it! Pack rat extraordinaire!!
8. I really pretty much hate the music of the Beatles.
9. I arrange my clothes (other things, too - like m&m's) by color. I wonder if this is from all of those years shopping for clothes at Goodwill. ???
10. I can't watch scary movies. They give me really bad nightmares that will last for weeks. It will amaze you, but even that movie, Gremlins (I think that was what it was called, from the 80's) gave me horrible nightmares, and it wasn't even supposed to be a scary movie!!!

There. Now you know what a freak I really am.
New art coming soon!

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Tara Finlay said...

Ok, I too must eat IMMEDIATELY upon hunger or watch out. And scary movies? I can't even watch the PREVIEWS of scary movies. I am still recovering from Poltergeist. What ever possessed my parents to allow me to watch that movie instead of ET. Give me a break. It scarred me for life!