Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another snowy day

Even though I am a couple days behind with this news, I have to tell you that it snowed, yes, SNOWED on Wednesday night. So on our hike Thursday morning, I got a chance to take yet MORE photos of snow on juniper bushes. There wasn't any snow in town, but I only had to hike up about 600 feet to encounter some of that lovely white stuff. There were some complaints in town about the cold and icky weather, but I have to admit, I do love snow. I just wish it wasn't accompanied by cold! ha. It was really beautiful, with low hanging clouds, obscuring the tops of the peaks. What little of the mountains you could see were frosted with a bit of white. Unbeatable! The other benefit to all of this moisture is that everything is turning brilliantly green. Here is a photo of brand new oak leaves, with one old one that just won't give up.

After the hike with Mr. Pono the dog, I piled all my paper and ink into the car and headed over to my friend Carla's house. She and I printed monotypes up at AVAC Thursday. It was a good day, even if a little short. We were both feeling too busy and tired to do a full day. It was still fun, and here is one of the more successful prints I did. I used a copper wire to make the lavendar line in the bottom part of the print. I really like how that turned out. I do need a title for this one, if any of you have a suggestion. I have been working a lot on using new colors and color combinations, but sometimes the best colors come when I am cleaning my palette. So I decided to photograph the partially cleaned palette for a reference. Cool, isn't it?

Matthias, my husband, is finally home! I drove to Denver yesterday and picked him up at DIA. I am so happy to have him home again. Pono loves it, too. We are a complete family, once more. Matthias has vacation right now, so he will be able to stay here and help with the move, much to my great relief. I am not good at packing, but he is good at it, and fast. Yay!


Abby Creek Art said...

I can't believe you had snow! This has been quite the interesting spring here in Colorado.

I really like your new monotype. It looks like a landscape to me and the wire line looks like the wind with the sun or the moon above it. I don't know why...but "Dancing Wind" comes to mind as a title.

Good luck with the packing!xoxo

Mel said...

I love that juniper bush pic. How crazy to have snow in late May -- guess it was a bonus for you to enjoy before heading out to the arid parts.