Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Snow in Spring

Yesterday, I woke up to 3 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground. This is May, for crying out loud! At first, I was pretty grumpy about it, but of course, the dog needed his walk, so I put on a bunch of clothes, and off we went. I am so thankful for Pono the dog. If I hadn't been compelled to walk him, I would have missed out on one of the most magical snow wonderlands ever. Because the snow was so heavy, all of the trees and bushes were squashed down. We were hiking through these tunnels created by the weighed down limbs. As we climbed up higher, we entered into the low clouds, and everything was softened by the fog. Then, towards the end of the hike, the sun did get brave enough to peek out, and it lit up the white, white snow. It was fantastic! I was extremely wet by the time I got home, but it was worth it. It's still pretty cold this morning, but it is expected to warm up throughout the week.

I did sit down with my pastels, and touched up the green katydid, along with some of the other monotypes, from the other day. So this is how it turned out. Much better! Now the antennae pop out more. What a contrast this green bug is to all that snow! The intense spring green, and the idea of a bug like that, buried somewhere beneath the heavy wet snow. Funny!

We also got an offer on our house, which I signed, so if all goes well, we will be moving the first week of June. So it looks like I am going to have to shift into packing mode. UCK. At least I am enjoying being in Salida a bit longer.

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Abby Creek Art said...

Oh geeez, you're moving.:( And I haven't even gotten the chance to meet you! Congrats though on selling the house. James and I are looking for a new home now too...somewhere near Boulder.

Love the picture of Pono...and your print looks great!

P.S. Call if you're up this way!