Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tulip Envy and other signs of spring

It has been so wonderfully warm and sunny for the past couple of days. I even broke out a pair of shorts today! My neighbors across the street all have beautiful gardens, and one in particular has the most incredible tulips right now. I don't have a single tulip, or much of anything blooming in my yard for that matter. So I crept across the street and took some photos of those tulips I've been coveting. Wonderful! I was thinking I should print out this photo on my giant paper, and hang it out in front of my house. Instant Flowers!

It was a busy weekend, with all kinds of art openings and events. On Friday night, there was an opening for my friend, Tim Davis, at the AVAC gallery in Buena Vista. Tim Davis lives in Colorado Springs, and is an amazing photographer who does these beautiful abstract photographs of old train cars, ship hulls and other things. Here he is with my friends Dee Sapper and Tammy Grubisha. Both Tammy and Dee are also artists.

Another series of openings last night in downtown Salida, called Second Saturday, and I went out for that, too. There is so much talent in this valley. It is something I know I will miss terribly. Our house is in escrow now, and it looks like we will be leaving Colorado in June. I am going to meet Matthias in California this week, to do some more "home hunting".

I am leaving you with a fun photo I took of my shadow, with the shadow of Pono, sitting right next to me.


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Karine! Love the tulips and the photo of you and Pono. How are things...are you leaving soon?:(

lee said...

glad to see the snow is gone, and the tulips are out, just think when you move to California you can have flowers all year long

Mel said...

I would much prefer tulips to the dandelions growing in the yard across the street from us -- there are billions of them!

So, no internet access in CA? Your fans are going through withdrawal!