Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spring in the Arkansas Valley

I have been enjoying spring immensely. On the morning walks with Pono the dog, there are visual delights aplenty. We've had warm sunny days as well as cloudy, wet days, but the main ingredient in these days is the absence of the winter cold. I love that. I have run across blooming trees, trees with brand new leaves, bright and green. I even saw two geese with 5 goslings in the river over the weekend. So fun. Here are some of the photos I have snapped, including one of a broken robin's eggshell that I stumbled upon next to the river. Aren't the colors intoxicating? That blue Colorado sky is almost TOO MUCH sometimes.

The monotypes from Monday still aren't completely dry. I couldn't resist scanning one more anyway, just so you could see. I am pondering a title, and so far I have thought of naming it "Drinks on the lawn". Ambiguous, yes. For some reason, the ink blobs become figures for me (everything is figurative in my art!), although I must admit that this one is candy for the imagination. Which is why I thought my title might spark some lively discussion. Or not. I think coming up with titles for abstract work is challenging, because I want to hint at the possibilities, without providing interpretation. I want people to come up with their own ways of interpreting the art, because that is the part that fascinates me. Maybe I should stick to "abstract #1" and generic titles like that. I have tried that, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I think titles like that are too generic, and don't provide any sense of where the work comes from.


Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful print, Karine. The title that pops into my head is "Standing on Rocks". That's one of the things I love about abstract art. Everyone see's something differently.

Have a nice weekend!xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Karine, the fisrt thing that popped into my head when looking at your monotyoe was--a silhouette of ducks on the water. Gus realy identifies with ducks on the water.
sue & gus