Friday, September 21, 2007

Another new painting

Here is another painting that I reworked this past week. This one has gone through an incredible amount of transformation. It is large, measuring 30 x 52". I have found photos from the beginning of the painting, so you can follow the progression.

It will have to sit for a while, so that I can decide if this is the final stage. I think I like it better vertically.

My in-laws are visiting, and we are getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow. Feel free, any of you in the area, to stop by and say "hi"!


priya said...

oh that's a beautiful painting karine! i love the curves, the colour and the feeling of contentment and well being that i get by looking at this work.

coloredsock said...

these are so interesting Karine. i love seeing the process and how you work out your composition, surface and shapes. i think the final piece is really nice! although i like the other stages, too. it's great to feel your energy! oh, and i got your postcard! i love the image...