Saturday, September 29, 2007

An orchid and a new painting

This will be a quick post, since I need to get into the studio today. I wanted to share with you a photo of a dendrobian orchid I have in my bathroom. I've had it since we lived in Colorado, and it hasn't bloomed in two years. It was a birthday gift from my parents. (thanks Mom and Dad!) I think it likes the desert sun! Isn't it glorious?

Enjoy the weekend, all of you blog readers. This is blog post number 99 for me! The next post is number 100. There may be some fun and free art in the 100th post, so keep reading. I hope to have more new paintings for you soon soon soon! Here is one more from the most recent series. Oil on canvas, 12 x 12"


lee said...

I love that orchid, I have no talent with plant or flowers. But that heat must do wonders for it. I love your recent work. Have you found a gallery to display it ..

Abby Creek Art said...

That is a gorgeous photo of the orchid! And the painting is beautiful...I see another Parrot though!:)

Anonymous said...

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