Sunday, September 9, 2007

Settling in

Adjusting to a new place always takes some time. I am adjusting. I am still feeling that burn to paint, but I walked into my studio today, and realized I still have some books that need unpacking, some boxes that I should sort through, and various other distractions. Needless to say, all that settling in is keeping me from new creations, as it keeps me from my blog. Ultimately, I am sure I will sort it all out. I find it interesting, how easy it is to be lured away from creating new art, even when there are several ideas in that brain, waiting to be realized.

The good news is that I have posted some more of my monotypes on etsy! There are even a couple of really nice framed ones, so feel free to hop on over and take a look at them! click HERE. Here is a photo of one of the new listings. I have over 75 pieces of art on the site, so it is well worth your perusal.

Yesterday, Matthias and I finally found a Volkswagen van to call our own. For those of you who know of our saga, it has been an amazingly long and difficult task, finding a van that would fit our budget and be functional. I am so glad the search is over. Her name is "Gordita" (little fat one) and she is cute as can be. The people who we bought her from are from Puerto Rico, originally, and they are the ones who named her. (for those of you who might be wondering. No, we don't speak much Spanish!) She doesn't run, at the moment. She is suffering from a hole in her heart. (her motor blew up, and there is a hole from a thrown rod, whatever that means.) I am sure Matthias can fix her, and we are excited to get her running, load her up with dog and surfboards and drive her to new adventures. We got her from some really lovely people in Irvine, and had to have her towed out to our home in Joshua Tree. Here is a photo of her on top of the truck. Isn't she awesome? It was a long journey for the tow truck, since he got a couple of flat tires on the way. I felt bad for the tow truck driver. It was a pretty hot day to be changing tires on a tow truck. (I keep wanting to type "toe truck"!) At last she did arrive, and was unloaded into our dirt driveway.

I swear there will be more new art coming soon! (Do I say that too often?)


Abby Creek Art said...

I love the name of your new VW, "Gordita"!! Perfect!

Just watched that video of Pono too and it had me laughing. He is just the cutest!

coloredsock said...

Dang! that photo of your house looks like a hopper painting...not that he ever painted adobe houses in the sw, but something about the light...

and nice vw!