Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Completion escapes me

Another day, and I was SUPPOSED to be painting all day. Instead, I am circling the paintings, finished and unfinished, like a hungry wolf wanting a man's meat but not his proximity. Circling, circling... do I really think I will solve ANYTHING this way??? Sheesh. Finally, after way to much of this circling bit, I decided I needed to do something more casual, more playful, more fun. So I decided to begin a Valentine or two.

Of course, everything is about process for me. I can't just sit down with a blank card and some paint and make a Valentine. Noooooo, I am going to make cardboard hearts, stars, flowers and a crescent moon. I am going to apply gesso to some things. Then, I am going to circle THAT, too!!!! Thank goodness I had laundry to do, or I would have felt like my whole day was nothing more than some kind of endless merry-go-round.

I suppose I could give some excuses. Like the one where I say I just found out that my husband, who has already been gone for too long, isn't going to come home until the 11th. I had hoped he was coming home this Thursday. There's that excuse. I could also use the one where I tell you about how my sinuses are driving me NUTS here, and I am pretty sure there is something in the high desert I am allergic to. There's that excuse. I could also use the excuse that I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever, and I should attempt to go out in public very soon. I mean, I have a lot of excuses. Frankly speaking, what it boils down to is just plain, old procrastination. I have always had trouble completing paintings. I can have 20 paintings in progress, and fight to finish and sign my name to ONE. It's true. I have gotten a lot better about finishing, but it's obvious that I am not cured.

The painting at the top of this post is one of the paintings I have been circling. Oil on canvas, it's about 18 x 24" or so. I have reworked it now several times, and still I am not sure if it is done. I think it is. I think. Maybe. Or maybe the blue has to go. I can't think about it anymore!!!
Good night.


lee said...

here is my unsolicted unprofessional take on your painting, I love it, it reminds me of hues in the desert, when it is hot the sky is blue. I know that is not what you were going for, but I love it.

priya said...

when i read this blog entry, i think you speak for most of us - or at least for me.
i like the lines across the painting and what looks like blue twigs in the centre, they seem to give an added energy.

Anke said...

That inner struggle is hard, I know, but I think the painting gets with every new layer more active, interactive. I'm looking forward to see the end result. When I have that problem with a collage I put it aside and do some housework and usually it 'hits' me what I have to do to finish it.
Smiles, Anke ;)

Carla Sonheim said...

I love the panting! And you must have needed to "circle." lol

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Good Morning Karine!
What a great painting! I cannot wait to see your valendtine's cards! Everyone you are making them for is sooooo lucky!
I just got home late last night and am just getting caught up, but I had to comeover and say jello. I missed writing you everyday.
more later!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the circling...we must be related. I love the painting, however, you will know when it's done, and feel a huge sense of satisfaction. Get outside, see some people, and he'll be home soon...love, Bfds

Abby Creek Art said...

Your post had me laughing, Karine...totally enjoyed it. You're probably describing all of us out there though...procrastinating, circling, indecisive...those are my middle names!