Sunday, February 10, 2008

The trashed desert

It was another warm, beautiful day in the high desert. Pono and I went for a long walk this morning. Our walk prompted me to write some more about illegal dumping in the desert. It is so prevalent here, and it amazes me. There are many things in life that cause me to feel perplexed, it is true. However, this dumping of trash in the desert gets me more and more each day I am out walking and I run into it. (which is pretty much every day.) I mean, help me out here, what causes someone to wake up one morning and think "I am going to take my old clothes, a pile of dirty baby diapers, and a refrigerator and dump them on someone else's property today." I mean, REALLY!!!

I do understand that it costs money to take things to the dump. I do. Maybe the solution is to set up a fund, where people like me, who hate to see trash out on raw land, can contribute money for those people who can't afford to pay for the dump to take their discards. Do you think that would work? Would any of you contribute money to something like that?

The things I have seen in these piles of trash. I examine them with a combination of fascination and disgust. I often wonder if I will find some "treasure" - something only an artist could find useful. Occassionally, I do find treasures. I found a bucket the other day. It doesn't have any holes or anything. I also find a lot of cool rusty things, which are fun to collage onto things, and sometimes just to look at. I also found this collection of broken glass, and took a photo of myself looking into it. Things like that. But then I run across the occassional dirty diaper or something equally icky, and I have to walk away.

Sometimes I make a point to look up, and focus my gaze on something beautiful, and trash free. Just don't move your gaze down, because there is the reminder of the piles once more. Darnnit.

In other news, spell check doesn't seem to be working in blogger tonight for some reason. I know I have some errors here, but I have to pick Matthias up at the airport at 1 am, and I want to try to sleep a little before hand. So please excuse the spelling! It is not my style, usually. I am happy that soon my husband will be home once more. It has been 2 1/2 weeks! Too long!

One last little gem on today's trash post:

Yes, I do see the little puddle there, but ummmm....this boat isn't going to float here, folks.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
Wow! I never would have thought that people dump everything including the kitchen sink in the desert. What do they think is going to happen to their stuff? That someone will want it, or clean it up for them? I wonder if they are happy, or enjoy the lives they have created, or if they think someone will come and clean it up for them too. I think the fractured mirror says it all. It is a reflection of something that is broken.
I am so excited I get to see you in May. We are going to have so much fun!

mel said...

That is bizarre -- would have never thought of that happening. Guess if there's not a WalMart parking lot around, people have to dump their dirty diapers *somewhere*. ;)

I love the broken mirror pic, even though I don't like what caused it to occur.


Nevis said...

I like your broken in half picture of the Joshua Tree. Very David Hockney. :)

priya said...

good heavens! and to think that i thought this sort of thing happened only in bangalore!
the picture of the tree is gorgeous and the broken mirror, an intriguing photo.
do you really think these people dump in the desert because they have no money to take things to the dump? ha ha ha. in bangalore, i have seen some very posh people who do the dirty dumping.

Karine said...

You are right, Priya. I think I am being a little naive to think that it is only lack of money that causes dumping. Perhaps it is also caused by laziness.