Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Wind

It surprises me that I haven't posted anything in almost a week. Perhaps it is because I write so many posts in my head, and I mistake those posts for actual posts. You may find this hard to believe, but I am so addicted to my blog, that as my day progresses, I narrate the events, as though I were writing this blog. Is this a sign that I have been sniffing too many paint fumes?

Yesterday, we experienced what my husband calls "super wind". It was incredible wind! Going outside was like walking in front of a sand blaster. My trash can (which is quite big and heavy, even empty) ended up on the other side of the house with the trash scattered all over. I didn't enjoy going out into the sand blaster to pick up trash, but I did it. Pono, the dog who hates disturbances, hid in the laundry room and when I went in there to hug him, pet him and tell him it was okay, he shivered. Poor doggie. Even the water in my toilets was moving around!!! I'm not kidding about that, either! We were supposed to get rain, but there was so much wind, I think it blew the rain away. We only got a smattering, which was hard to discern from the blowing sand. I did get this photo of what a weed does, when blown hard all day.

We adopted Mr. Pono when he was about 4 or 5 months old, and we don't really know exactly when his birthday is. So we decided just to assign him a birthdate, and I chose Valentines Day. You know his birthday must be getting close, because the water board is putting in new pipes all along our street, and last week they put in a brand new, for Pono's birthday FIRE HYDRANT. RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE!!! How exciting is that!?!? It is still wrapped in black plastic, but Pono is anxiously awaiting the unveiling. Wasn't it nice of Joshua Tree to give Pono such a special birthday gift??

I did paint pretty much all weekend, but I don't have any photos for you. I guess nothing was exciting enough to take a photo of. I promise I will take some photos soon.


lee said...

lucky for him to get that nice present of a fire hydrant. Cant wait to see those paintings.

priya said...

hahaha...pono's own fire hydrant!
i love the picture of your house. look at all the empty breathing space you have around you!land is like gold in and around Bangalore. open space is something i miss a great deal.

coloredsock said...

oh man! we had that SAME, krazy "BLUSTERY" wind! except ours came with loads of snow, so we have 3 ft drifts in some places and only a ft in others. i kept dreaming our house was swirling in the sky.

i once wrote this Hallmark card that said, "I talk to you all day long in my head." it was inspired by a long-distance relationship i was in at the time, and when we talked, neither could remember what we did or didn't already share with the other since we were sharing all day long (in our heads). hehe guess your blog is like a long distant relationship!

and happy bday to Pono! Oso's is "somewhere around now", too! maybe we'll make it 2/14 too!

kate said...

What an incredible windstorm! It was amazing to see what happened to the weed while the winds blew.

Pono is getting the best birthday present ever! A brand-new yellow fire hydrant is like having his own personal mailbox... all his doggie friends will leave him messages and he'll be able to respond right on top of them.

Happy Birthday Pono!

Abby Creek Art said...

Don't you feel like you're back in Colorado now? We had such high winds the other day...that no one could find their newspapers in the morning! Maybe that's not such a bad thing though these days. I think ours ended up in Fort Collins!

And what a lucky dog Pono is! To have his own personal hydrant to use. For once he'll have some privacy!:)

Sherrie said...

Must be something in the air (argh).. brushes and I not playing well together this week, either. Thank goodness we can all blog-commiserate.

Happy birthday, Pono!

Anke said...

We have a stormy day here too, but with lot's of least the sun shines sometimes and that is kind of nice.
I love the foto you took from the weed. Amazing looking!
Hope the storm calmed down to your next post, smiles, Anke ;)

askios007 said...

Joshua Tree .. what a wonderful name. It sounds quite other-worldly. Delighted to read about Pono getting his very own fire hydrant. Proof that, as the song goes, "His eye is on the sparrow" (in this case on the puppy dog).