Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine"s Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!! For all of you, my beloved blog readers: I LOVE YOU!!! Each and every one of you. I love you, for reading my blog, for commenting, for not commenting, for showing up as a new number of visits to my blog. You are special to me. If it weren't for you, clicking on this small space of the world wide web, my life would be much different. You make my day.

It was also Mr. Pono's birthday today. I put a squeeky bubble inside of an old toy and sewed it up with my new sewing machine. He gets a lot of pleasure, tearing the toy apart to pull the squeeker out. It's not that I won't buy him a brand new toy, but for the 65 seconds it takes him to tear the toy to smithereens, it seems a waste. It's my own private way of recycling. The best part about Pono and a squeeky toy happens after the squeeky has been removed and "de-squeeked". For days, nay, WEEKS! Pono will carry the squeeky bubble around, and lay it down on the floor. He has this special way of pushing on the bubble so that it clicks. He will come into the room where I am, lay down, and click click click happily with the squeeker. It is very cute and funny. Here is a photo of me and Pono, my lazy doggie. The birthday dog. He also got a new collar from Petsmart, and plenty of treats. He is quite spoiled.

IT SNOWED ON US TODAY!!! Yes. SNow. This is NOT why I moved to Southern California!!! I mean, if I knew it was going to snow on me, I would have stayed in Colorado. AT least you can ski on the snow there. Here, it just blows around, doesn't collect, and makes you cold. UCK!!! but I'm complaining.

Well, I was planning on posting another mini painting, but blogger is being PAINFULLY slow, and I am out of patience now. Sorry. Tomorrow. I promise. Tomorrow.


kate said...

Happy Valentines Day Karine and Pono and a very Happy Birthday to Pono! That is a gorgeous picture of both of you. (Your hair is utterly beautiful!)

I had to laugh when you recounted how Pono treats his squeaky toys. I think you came up with a brilliant idea in repackaging the squeaker.

At this time of year, I detest snow. It's worse, too, when you aren't expecting it. That is especially true in California. Here, we are resigned to adding an extra layer etc.

Blogger gets me sometimes annoyed sometimes when it takes ages to upload pictures or the pictures start bouncing all over the place.
Tomorrow will be a better day.

You have a great blog to visit ... I enjoy it immensely!!

priya said...

thanks karine, and happy birthday to pono. i just wanted to comment on your gorgeous red hair. i didn't know it was so long. that's a lovely photograph with you and pono.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Happy Birthday Pono!
I love the picture of the 2 of you.
snow! OMG! Stay warm!
:) m

coloredsock said...

hey Karine, it was fun to catch up and read all your posts this morning--from top to bottom. sounds like you've been busy! great to see you've been painting so much--your energy is contagious! (just what i needed, thanks.)

and the Joshua Trees are OUTRAGEOUS. i loved those bud photos. i can't imagine the blooms being any more beautiful. when we lived in albuquerque for a year and a half (off and on), i kinda hated it EXCEPT for the daily walks in the desert hills. i was in love with the wild flowers.

anyway, it's great to see you're all doing well. happy belated bday to Pono. Super sweet photo(s), too. and soon--i'll post my "7"...but i won't be able to top you petting a lion! jeepers...